Dwarf Hire

  • 2h dwarf hire as a policewoman together with pub crawl or pub crawl guided by dwarf hire

A popular activity for stag parties in Krakow, get a little help during your weekend with our very own dwarf hire. You’ll get the services of our female or male dwarf for two hours (longer can be booked if required) who will handcuff herself/himself to the stag and accompany you during the pub crawl. And what’s more she/he will also be dressed up in fancy dress with two themes available – either Policewoman or Smurf.

Dwarf hire in Krakow with Xclusive Event includes two hours dwarf hire with the dwarf being dressed in fancy dress. Please note that this activity needs to be taken with something else, with the most popular choice being the pub crawl.

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Dwarf Hire

£129,00 £125,00