Brewery Feast

  • English speaking guide
  • Five liters of beer in a tube for every five people
  • A huge dinner consisting of: Żurek or mushroom soup served in bread bowl and for the main dish: beer marinated hamhock with mustard, bread and Polish pickles or another (not pork) meet option or vegetarian

Best not to eat anything for a while before ordering this one – the brewery feast is both huge and tasty and is guaranteed to leave you feeling very satisfied. You’ll get a reservation in Krakow’s famous microbrewery where you’ll enjoy a traditional Polish soup served in a bread bowl to start. For the main dish there are a few choices: 1. beer marinated hamhock served with mustard, bread and Polish pickles

2. another meet meal (duck, chicken, beef )

3.vegetarian (potato pancakes, dumpling, salads etc)

And of course with it being a brewery there is no shortage of beer on offer as well.

Brewery Feast

from: £26,00