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How to organize the perfect stag party?

How to organize the perfect stag party?

  1. Firstly talk with stag about what he wants to do…then completely ignore it
  2. Make a list of the stag’s friends , family, and people he would like to party with (ask his closest friend to provide names and contact details). Facebook is your best friend.
  3. Create a group of participants on Facebook or Whatsapp, or in fact any other app that allows you to chat easily.
  4. Brainstorm a list of all the activities that each person proposes – you can help yourself, and indeed themselves, by using the page of a stag party organiser, for example xclusiveevent.com. Looking on that page allows you to choose activites that suit your budget. Remember the more people, the cheaper the offer will be!
  5. Choose the date and book the flight– Ryanair and Easyjet are usually the cheapest, alternatively Wizzair, but with smaller hand luggage included
  6. Choose the city depending on the budget –the cheapest places are in the Eastern Europe, for example Kraków , where you can have fun and not be bored at all.
  7. Choose the transfer –you can choose just a normal bus, or a more Xclusive –limo, hummer or partybus –the more people the bigger limo you need

-Up to 8 people you can choose limo

– Up to 16people a hummer is best

– Up to 31 then the Partybus is for you.

Additionally if it is a stag party then you should definitly consider adding dessert for the stag (and others) like a strip show –  1 or more beautiful girls – together with a limo it will make  the perfect start to the stag weekend. This company will help you choose the right transfers and extra things http://xclusiveevent.com/xclusive-event/stag-party/activities/#1491386373198-16b83450-d277

8. Eat! Line your stomach to make sure the evening doesn’t finish too early! Especially in Krakow where alcohol is cheap , strong and available 24h ! Yes, the bars, clubs are open till 5/6 am in the morning during the weekend and at least till 4/5am during the week.

I propose good polish traditional food like żurek/barszcz/rosół/pomidorowa/kwaśnica as a starter, and then  pork knuckle or pork chop, żeberka, venision or beef steak with a portion of vitamins in the form of salad or delicious polish vegetables and polish potatoes or dumplings (pierogi)

The fatter food the, the more prepared your stomach will be!

If you dont want lose time looking for a big free table (usually good places with reasonable prices are fully booked) you can use the help of an event organizer to arrange set menu or just the table booking http://xclusiveevent.com/shop/activity/polish-style/


9.Rules of drinking –if you want to avoid a hangover after mixing alcohol-at least start with a softer drink building up to the strongest – after spirits don’t come back to softer beer or wine. A glass of water with lemon every few drinks will help you maintain the pace!

 10.Make sure that you know where to go in the evening! If it is a new city you can sometimes spend all night in touristy places without knowing where to go!If you like fancy places make sure you book it before, or we can help you even at the last moment. You can book just vip night club reservation or vip night club reservation together with pub crawl through local pubs with double cheap alcohol compared to touristy places which are on the way. Pub  crawl with this company http://xclusiveevent.com/shop/activity/pub-crawl/ guarantee you busy local places in which you can drink from 0,75 pound per shot of  delicious strong Polish vodka

 11. Strip clubs! Be careful , never leave one drunk friend alone with his credit card! Because there is a big chance he’ll be ripped off in a place which you go on your own. If you want someone to look after you we recommend the vip lap club entry with our trusted guide, and we can guarantee you that you’ll be safe during your time there!

12.Make sure you don’t spend all week in bars!    Try your hand at one of these great activites! –gokarting , bubble football, paintball ,offroad or something which you have never done – you certainly won’t forget shooting from a real gun! We have big choice of them! If you need inspiration look at this page http://xclusiveevent.com/xclusive-event/stag-party/activities/

13.Prepare some funny tasks and/or games for the stag! Each of the participants of the team can create 2 tasks –it will provide enough tasks and guaranteed fun

14.If you think about fancy dress be more original than making him dress up as a woman! Make sure he has normal clothes under the funny outfit or at least carries some with him which he can put on when he goes to a restaurant or fancy club

15.If you want to come back fresh start the next day at work full of energy we recommend renovation of the body- sauna, swimming pool and jacuzzi possibly with massage

16.If you want after come back to home to boast that you did sightseeing we reccommend:

Salt mines-you need 3-4h, Auschwitz -you need 7-8h,  Wawel castle 1h, Kosciuszki Mound 1h, Schindler’s Factory till 2h, everything included with transfer time

17.One of the options is to suprise the stag- he won’t know where he goes and what he will be doing- a total surpise! The bigger surprise will be with some pranks like stag kidnap,  stag dog chase or beauty and the beast. If you want one of these options check it out:http://xclusiveevent.com/xclusive-event/stag-party/activities/#1491385680765-7e6cb6d2-0fd9

18.Organize with or without a company’s help? It depends how much time and energy you have.

It’s often easier and cheaper to give the task over so some experience stag organisers.