Hitchhiker Stripper

  • Stripper –hitchiker and 15 mins show in bus, limo, hummer or partybus

Picture the scene, you’re on your way from the airport to your accommodation and you spot a damsel in distress by the side of the road in the form of a hot young lady needing a ride into town. So being the good Samaritans that you are you pull over and offer her a lift. And now for the surprise; once she’s on board she’ll give the lucky passengers a striptease they’ll never forget. It’s a great way to start your weekend break in Krakow. Please note that this activity must be taken with either the hummer , limo, Partybus or bus.

The hitchiker stripper show with Xclusive Event includes a one hot stripper, but a second stripper can also be added for double the pleasure if you wish.

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Hitchhiker Stripper