Polish Style

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  • Huge dinner with polish specialities – from 3 courses with 2drinks for 17 GBP up to 29 GBP for 4 courses of polish cuisine with  4 drinks
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When in Poland do as the Poles do. Whilst visiting Krakow you will surely want to try some local cuisine, so we have created a Polish meal to give you the opportunity to do just that. You’ll get a reservation in a top restaurant where you’ll be served a variety of different Polish dishes, just let us know your preferences before you arrive and we’ll take care of the rest. Of course there are some traditional Polish drinks served as well to help wash it down.

What is polish food?

  • BIGOS – a Polish national dish made of cabbage, sauerkraut, cuts of meat and sausages. People in Poland eat bigos during Christmas time and we season it with forest mushrooms and a glass of red wine. It’s strange but delicious
  • POLISH DUMPLINGS. The fillings may range from meat, to sauerkraut, to fruits (especially blackberries) but I especially love pierogi ruskie (literally Russian pierogi) filled with boiled potatoes, cottage cheese and onion
  • GOŁABKI -cabbage rolls made of cabbage leaves stuffed with spiced minced meat and rice, sometimes served with tomato sauce
  • KOTLET SCHABOWY – pork cutlet coated with breadcrumbs. It’s very similar to a Viennese schnitzel but we still believe it’s one of our national dishes
  • PLACKI ZIEMNIACZANE – fried potato pancakes. They’re usually garnished with gulasz (see above), mushroom sauce or sour cream. Probably my favourite Polish dish
  • GOLONKO is a mini joint of pork that comes from the “wrist” or “ankle” of the animal. Before being individually roasted, it is marinated in dark beer and herbs, then skewered on a mini spit and served at the table with sauces, bread and salad
  • KOTLET MIELONY WIEPRZOWY – Is a variation of meatballs. They are thick, juicy cutlets made with freshly ground pork, bread crumbs, and spices. Often topped with mushrooms, gravy, cooked onions, or fried egg. Served with a fresh salad or Surówka and potatoes.
  • ŻEBERKA WĘDZONE– smoked, roasted or grilled Ribs.
  • ZRAZY – twisted shape thin slices of chopped beef, which is flavored with salt and pepper and stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, and potato.

POLISH SOUP. Polish people love soups of all kinds but the most popular ones are: pomidorowa (tomato soup), jarzynowa (vegetable soup), barszcz (beetroot soup), krupnik (barley soup), and żurek

  • ŻUREK – sour rye soup. Traditionally, we eat it for Easter breakfast. Żurek is usually garnished with a piece of sausage, boiled egg or potatoes (or all of them at once
  • ROSÓŁ – Clear chicken soup served with noodles.
  • ZUPA GRZYBOWA/PIECZARKOWA – Mushroom soup made of various species of mushroom.
  • ZUPA OGÓRKOWA– Dill pickle soup of sour, salted cucumbers, often with pork.
  • ŻUR OR ŻUREK – Żur with potatoes, Polish sausage (kielbasa), and egg (jajko). Depending on the part of Poland it came from it may contain mushrooms as well. This dish is also called żurek starowiejski (old style countryside rye soup).
  • GROCHÓWKA – Pea soup, with potato, carrot, kielbasa.
  • KAPUŚNIAK – Cabbage soup with chicken, carrot.
  • KARKÓWKA – tenderloin, usually roasted
  • KIEŁBASA – sausage is a staple of Polish cuisine and comes in dozens of varieties, smoked or fresh, made with pork, beef, turkey, lamb, veal with every region having its own specialty.
  • SMALEC – lard with crispy pieces of pork rinds. Bread with smalec and a pickled cucumber is often served as a starter