Vodka Tasting

  • crazy party guide
  • 5 or 10 shots of polish vodka
  • interesting story about vodka from professional bartender
  • polish snacks(sausages, pickle cucumber, herrings etc)

Vodka is the national drink in Poland so it is only right that you get to try a bit of a variety of it when you are in Krakow. With our vodka tasting activity you will get five or ten shots of different flavoured vodka to try, as well as a professional vodka expert who will give you information about each different type. To help you soak up all this alcohol there will also be a platter of traditional drinking snacks supplied as well. The vodka tasting takes place in a nice bar in the centre of Krakow so this activity works well as the start of an evening as you’re in the perfect place to continue the party afterwards.

Extra info:
The vodka tasting is good start for the evening –we recommend pub crawl or night club entry after