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Top 10 Stag Activities in Kraków for unforgettable evening and night

Have you ever considered to see Kraków nightlife for yourself? If your answer is yes, bachelor’s party in
Kraków is an excellent idea to try. Here we present a list of things to do there. Forget about boredom!

1. Pub crawl

With our company, you will visit the coolest places for stag party in Kraków. This will happen
only with the best people. Don’t worry about anything. The time you will spend and attractions
you will experience are made to fit even the most sophisticated tastes. You will have a chance to
see local places with hospital Polish people. Food and alcohol prices will meet your expectations
as they are very reasonable.

2. Night club entry

We cooperate with all the best night clubs in Kraków. We keep an eye on all of them so that we
can choose the perfect one just for you. Do you prefer to have some fun in a pub similar to those
in England or dance to techno in a club? Would you rather sit in a modern location or country inn?
Music, vibe style, location, age – whatever you like. Sometimes a huge, merry group of men can
be perceived as suspicious – we guarantee entrances for all places without standing in tiring
queues. The VIP room or normal one if you prefer is always waiting for you.

3. Strip club entry

To take advantage from local places and enjoy the visit, it is good to choose us as your guide.
Nobody will wipe you out with our company. We guarantee that our customers are fully respected
in those locations. This is only you who decide how much dancing, drinking or spending money is
appropriate. With our care, you will not wake up next day with empty credit card.

4. Oil wrestling with vodka tasting

Certainly one of the most spectacular shows in the history of stag parties. 2 hot, young ladies –
strippers, fighting in bikinis and finally with no clothes on, rubbing together in baby oil. The next
step involves inviting a stag to join to the pool in which his task is to get them naked. It is funny
for both sides because at the end it is the stag who end up without pants. But wait a minute, there’s
more. This amazing party is combined with vodka tasting (10 shots per person) and snacks. You
can choose the time of the show and can enjoy it after eating or in the meantime. We advise not to
eat during the show. Danger of choking is highly possible. The whole activity is available in one
of the pubs located in Kraków. There is a possibility to have an extra lesbian show which can be
presented after the main part.

5. Stag arrest/kidnapping

if you want to cater for your friend’s wildest dreams, this activity will be real fantastic bull’s eye.
But remember, it is recommended only for those who has nerves of steel and don’t suffer for any
serious illness. So be careful and better think twice if it is a good option for your stag. We can
arrange individual scenario which will be very realistic.

Exemplary scenarios :
– unexpectedly during the pub crawl or only pretending that we take you for a drink, the policemen
stop you on the way and do a routine control because they try to find a criminal similar to you. In
order to inspect you more carefully, they should take you to the police station,
– policemen stopping the group, searching the guys and finding(fake) drugs in stag’s pocket so that
they need to arrest him,
– the hardest one – kidnappers just attack the stag, put a bag on his head, take him to the car and
drive into the sunset 😉 which means just a few circles around the city.
After all, the poor stag will be brought to the strip club where a hot lady will wait for the guy to do
a great show to help him get over the trauma he had to face.

6. Beauty and the Beast show

Based on the most famous Disney’s story – stag activity. Not only
does he but also all other participants take advantage of this nice show. Firstly, gorgeous stripper

appears and does hot show for a stag and rest of the guys. After blindfolding the stag, it is time for
the Beast to come. The Beast is fatty and a bit older stripper in funny outfit, usually a witch, a
nurse or a sailor who starts to playing with a poor stag who can’t see anything and eagerly
responds. The funniest moment comes when his eyes are uncovered and he realizes his mistake.
Expression on his face will be worth more than million dollars.

7. Dominatrix show

Recently our top seller. Have you ever dreamt of being abused by sexy lady in leather? The beautiful stripper will
take care of you. She appears with all equippment needed to make you beg for more. What you
can find in her bag? All kinds of sticks, depilatory strips, dildos, nipple clamps and much more. If
you have ever thought about something harder, this activity is right for you. Don’t mind crawling,
being tied or blindfolded. You will never forget this experience when pleasure mixes with pain.

More info here 

8. Strip boat trip

– http://xclusiveevent.com/product/boat-trip/ Are you looking for the craziest
and sexiest trip in your life? Here we are. Available at any time you want no matter if it is
afternoon, evening or night. Boat cruise is an outstanding way to start your party. Cold drinks and
hot girls – sounds fantastic! There are lots of attractions – don’t hesitate – just step on board and
enjoy Polish girls striptease or Rolly Polly stripper in sailor outfit or Beauty and the Beast.

9. Strip hummer/limo/partybus

Extraordinary offer for those keen on travelling and cars is an hour-long drive in the chosen
vehicle. The more participants on the party, the bigger mean of transport is necessary.
Up to 8 people you can choose a limo
– Up to 16 people a hummer is the best.
– Up to 31 people let’s take a Partybus
In each of them you can drink your own alcohol not to mention being surrounded by Polish ladies who
will do sexy show for you. One word and your trip will be over somewhere close to the bars, night clubs
or strip clubs in the centre of Kraków. There is an enormous variety to choose from.

10. Strip traditional Polish dinner with beer or vodka tasting

Poland is famous in the world for its delicious food. Polish traditional food can be divided into
some categories. Firstly, let’s take a look at soups. We can eat sour rye soup, mushroom soup,
broth or beetroot soup. Secondly, main courses such as beer – braised pork knuckle, pork chop
coated with breadcrumbs, ribs, venison or speciality called pierogi (dumplings) can tickle your
palates. Some cabbage, beetroots, carrots or pickles serve as a salad. It is worth to mention Polish
healthy fish as well. Remember to fill your stomach in order to improve your drinking. You will
not stay hungry here. Local beer flows steady in different flavours : lager, dark, honey and
thousands of others. Polish vodka also comes in handy. Don’t worry all kinds of alcohol are
available, too! Still hungry? Hope you are, because we have the frosting on the cake – a dessert!
Striptease show in a way as you want: beautiful hot one or dominatrix, Beauty and the Beast or
lesbian show of 2 sexy Polish girls or for
courageous ones – Rolly Polly stripper. Polish strippers are considered to be the hottest in the
world. Don’t miss their show.

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