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Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

In the following “X.E.”, “we”, “our”, “us” refers to Xclusive Event company which is a registered travel and tour operator  number –number Z/26/2017 providing its clients with products and tours on the basis of its web site (www.xclusiveevent.com) and under the conditions specified below.

The parties in this Contract are: Xclusive Event Malgorzata Latko registered at : K.Wyszyńskiego 9/59  street, 32-500 Chrzanów ,Company registration No.: 366143629


The Client, either physical person or a legal person (hereinafter referred to as “Client”). Terms like “you”, “yours” or “group leader” refer to the person responsible for placing the reservation, completing the booking form, collecting payments and /or making any alterations on behalf of the whole group. For the duration ,,group leader’’  will be our point of contact for the group and you accept that the group leader  has the authority to deal with us on behalf of every member of the group participating in a tour. The Contract is executed electronically on the basis of a properly and correctly filled-in tour order (application) from the Catalogue offer, the payment of the relevant initial fee for the tour by the Client and the subsequent electronic acceptance of the order by X.E. The Contract is binding for all persons included in the application. The Client guarantees that the contractual obligations of the persons included in the contract.

2. Booking and Payment

All bookings are made and accepted as a group booking and the person placing the booking who takes responsibility for the reservation is the “Group Leader”. When you make a booking the Group Leader guarantees that they have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of their group these booking conditions

We require an initial deposit of  100 GBP or 120 EURO for the whole group to secure your booking- activity only booking or accommodation package. The initial deposit shall be payable within 24hrs of receiving our invoice by email. We require 2 deposits in total, with the final deposit of 25% of the total invoice value being due by the latest 30 days before your departure but not more than 30% in total if is more than 30 days before your travel .

Deposit can be paid by bank transfer , Credit or Debit Card ( a 3% surcharge is applicable on all card transactions) .The final deposit 25% of the total order value should be in payable to our bank account or by credit / debit card or Paypal 30 days before the event begins. Both credit / debit card payments and Paypal payment adds 3% surcharge to the transferred amount.

In case of last minute bookings which are made below 7 days before the event begins we reserve the right to ask you for 50% deposit of the total balance. The outstanding balance shall be payable after your safe arrival in Krakow with our guide . You payment needs to be made in   cash (in Pounds Bank of England only, not Scottish or Irish , in Euro or Polish Zlotys).

We also recommend that wait until you arrive to exchange any currency. We do not advise clients to exchange outside, as the rate is poor and all calculations we make will be based on the current exchange rate in Krakow .The contract shall come into existence as soon as you receive our confirmation e-mail with invoice stating that we have received your deposit. The group leader  will be responsible for collecting the deposits from all the participants and transferring them to our account in one payment on the due date. When making a booking with us, you and the rest of your group agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to make all the participants of the event aware of it.

3. Pricing Policy

The price specified in the invoice will be considered as the binding price provided the deposit is paid on time. Once it’s done you will receive our confirmation e-mail stating we have received your deposit and after this point the price becomes guaranteed and will not be subject to any surcharge unless the number of the group size has changed or you wanted to change the inclusions of the booking. However in the extremely unlike situation where the Pound value would reach or exceed 15 % loss (which we can formally prove) compared to its average value set by The Polish National Bank from the day the initial deposit was paid into our bank account , we reserve the right to apply some increases. Even though we prepay our suppliers to secure the prices, such a drastic change of the Pound value couldn’t be compensated either by us nor by our suppliers. In these circumstances you may cancel in writing the reservation in whole or in part within seven days of such notification and we will refund the cost attributable to that part of the reservation cancelled. In the absence of such cancellation you will be deemed to have accepted the increased charges.


4. Changes made by you

All changes made by a group leader are free until paying a deposit. After we receive it, all alterations will be recalculated on the basis of current prices. When booking an accommodation package, you may also incur some surcharges if your group size decreases and you didn’t notify us in writing about it at least 35 days before the event takes place.

5. Changes made by us

These are, however, extremely unlikely but we must assume a situation that may occur that is outside of our ability to change and where we are forced to alter important conditions of the agreement (e.g: due to our suppliers mistake). In such cases we will immediately inform you and you shall inform us in writing whether:

  • you accept the alterations or
  • you want to cancel the agreement in whole or in part, without any costs or cancellation fees
  • take part in a tour of the same or higher standard that we shall offer you unless you agree to accept the lower standard but with a return of the price difference.

6. Important Note

Compensation arrangements do not apply to circumstances beyond our control. We can change or cancel your event in the following circumstances: war, threat of war, riots, civil strife or terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire and similar events beyond our control.

7 . Our responsibility  and Insurance

We accept responsibility for all the acts of omissions or negligence of our employees, suppliers and agents except the situation where the omission or negligence was caused by your group member or any third parties not participating in a tour.  XE also limits its liability in case of death, injury or illness of any of the group participants to a maximum of the price of your itinerary arrangements. We accept no liability for any accident that occurs while any of your group is under the influence of drink or drugs, if their behaviour is aggressive or threatening or they fail to adhere to health and safety requirements or the injury or death is not directly connected with participating in the events scheduled in the itinerary. We also commit ourselves to helping you or any of your group members in case of compensation claims against any third parties responsible for the damage. Please bear in mind that some activities you may want to undertake during the tour are classified by the insurance companies as being “high risk” and the price quoted on the web site does not include any insurance against sporting accidents whatsoever. We advise you to buy additional insurance in UK if you plan to participate in high risk sporting activities however it is not obligatory, as we guarantee that all our sports activity suppliers have civil insurance.

8. Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your tour at any time in writing. Due to our costs connected with cancellation and depending on the time of cancellation, we reserve the right to charge you as follows:

  1. I) Activities only or packages without accommodation:

1) cancellation is free before paying a deposit.

2) The initial deposit of 100 GBP is a non-refundable deposit.

3) The final deposit of GBP 200 or 25 % is partially refundable depending on the time of cancellation: · from 30 days up to 14 days before the event begins there is no cancellation fee for any cancelled group members

  • from 13 days up to 3 days before the event begins onward we will keep the whole deposit
  • In all cases, cancellations made 3 days and less before arrival, whether for a whole group or individual members, will be charged at the full rate shown on the original invoice or final invoice in cases of revisions to the original

II) Accommodation packages:

1) cancellation is free before paying a deposit.

2) The initial deposit of 50 GBP is a non-refundable deposit

3) The final deposit of minimum 25 % of the total invoice value is partially refundable depending on the time of cancellation:

  • from 29 days up to 14 days before the event begins we will keep 50% of the final deposit amount for the sake of cancellation fees
  • from 13 days up to 3 days before the event begins onward we will keep the whole deposit
  • In all cases, cancellations made 3 days and less before arrival, whether for a whole group or individual members, will be charged at the full rate shown on the original invoice or final invoice in cases of revisions to the original.