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one of the top places to be in Europe, or even in the world!

Atmosphere – the different architectural styles everywhere, the biggest market square in Europe(200m x 200m) which is full of cafés , beer gardens, and restaurants, all of which are great places to observe a huge number of events live music , dance , and various performers. There is always something happening during the day and the night with a huge number of different clubs and bars

Not far from the hustle and bustle of the main square, by the Wisła river there is beautiful Wawel Castle with a statue of a dragon which breathes  fire every few minutes. This dragon is of course the symbol of Krakow.

From there it is only around five minutes’ walk to another great spot; the Kazimierz district – which is full of different bars and restaurants. A few years ago it tended to be frequented mainly by local people, but since more and more visitors fall in love with Krakow and Kazimierz more tourists are heading to this area. Of course there are some secret off the beaten path places you can find with the help of one of our guides.

  • the biggest market square in Europe
  • plenty of different bars and restaurants
  • good value for money
  • a lot of nightlife spots

parties, sightseeing , sports ,activities, relaxation , nature , water sports , winter sports and even trekking in the mountains which are just 100km from Krakow

It’s great for stags, hens, birthdays, friends and corporate parties, but also for a romantic weekend or family trip.

the price are cheaper than in the rest of Europe. Food and drink is extremely cheap and there are many different places to choose from.

There are a lot of restaurants , bars and plenty of great nightlife spots which are staying open until the last customer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of live music or modern electronic music – your guide will show you the place that’s best for you, and everything is within walking distance . If you don’t want to waste time sleeping, we’ll always find a place for you to continue the party.

no visa required if coming from an EU COUNTRY


Since the 1st of May 2004 Poland has been a member of the European Union. A visa is not required for EU and US citizens (check for other nationalities). ID or  a passport that is still valid for 6 months after your return date is required.


Currency in Poland is zloty (PLN)

  • The day you arrive check the rate and put into an application to convert money.
  • Approximately 1 GBP = 5 zlotys, 1 EURO= 4,2 – 4,4 zlotys
  • Don’t exchange money at the airport unless it is necessary because the rate is very bad
  • Exchange offices are called KANTORS.
  • If you can- exchange during the week up until 6/7 pm or Saturday until 2pm in a decent ,,Kantor’’ (for example there are a few with good rates on Sławkowska street in the market square of old town)
  • The ones which offer 24-hour service  7 days per week are usually offer a very bad rate.
  • Banks in larger cities are usually open from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays.


  • Easyjet
  • Ryanair
  • or 100 km from Krakow (by highway) there is KATOWICE-PYRZOWICE airport
  • Wizzair
  • Ryanair

We assume that you are planning to spend your time in Krakow in a very active way so below there is a list of phone numbers you might find useful

International Access code for Poland +48
Access code for Krakow 12

British Honorary Consulate
31-008 Krakow
9 Saint Anna street
tel. (0-12) 421-70-30
fax (0-12) 422-42-64
Email: ukconsul@bci.krakow.pl

U.S.A consulate
31-043 Krakow
9 Stolarska Street
tel. (0-12) 424-51-00
fax (0-12) 424-51-03

Drunk tank 411 94 02
Police 997
Fire Brigade 998
Ambulance 999
Mobile phone emergency number 112

Krakow is a very safe place. The Old town and many other areas are under the police surveillance system and the streets are patrolled by city guards, police and private guards. There is a main old town police station located on the main market square, opposite the town hall tower, next to the WBK BANK and public phones. The officer on duty speaks English.

Anyway we have some basic safety precautions to make sure your stay will not be ruined by any unpleasant adventures.

  • Don’t show off how much money you have during shopping and especially when out at night. Keep your wallet in a safe place and mind out for pickpockets. You should especially be aware – when using public transport and when in busy and touristy places. Do not carry more money than necessary and don’t take documents with you, especially your passport as you don’t need it anywhere apart from the Casino.
  • If you or one of your friends are very drunk don’t leave them alone in the city because they may be arrested and placed in the ‘drunk tank’ or ripped off by some strip club . Help him get to the bed then you can come back to the party.
  • if you are on your own in ,gentlemen club ‘ we suggest paying in cash without opening a tab. If you want to fully enjoy the night without worrying about being in gentleman’s club then we can arrange a guide who will help you choose the best and safest one.

Spring- from March till May the temperature is rising with the average 8c up to 20°C in May

Summer (June till August ,sometimes also May) is very hot  with highs of 33 °C, but there can also be rainy days with lower temperatures.

September, October –usually nice warm weather but there can also be some rainy and cold days

November-the average temperature is  around 5 °C.

In winter from December until February it is usually  very cold with snow. The average temperature is -2 C but on some days it can get as low as -10 °C or even -25 ° C.

Visiting Krakow any time of the year is good, although it depends what kind of activity you prefer to do more.

In summer you can swim in the lakes, in winter you can ski , snowboard, snowmobile , make a snowman,  visit the awesome Christmas Market(December)

In spring and autumn it is always beautiful,  and you can do almost all activities.

Taxi vs. a Proper Taxi

In Krakow there are a large number of different taxi companies. You should definitely avoid taxis that do not have a company name (usually combined with telephone number) on the side doors. These taxis  are often waiting by clubs and pub  exits and are ready to overcharge their customers.

You can always ask how much it will cost approximately to the place where you are going,  or check if the meter is running, and you should always ask for a printed receipt. If you have any complaint – call the company phone number on the side doors.